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design challenge [Jun. 30th, 2006|11:27 pm]
creative quilts


I recently posted a this below on The Artist's Circle community and here is the reply that followed.

Try this exercise and see what comes of it with your friends. Let's post the finished products by the end of the year!!!!!

A friend of mine, the one who taught me to quilt, is more of an artist with fabric. Most of her designs are not for you to curl up in per se but for the wall and they are incredible. She admires my technical skill and attention to detail, I admire her expressiveness on her canvas (quilt fabric). She came up with the idea of us giving eachother 3 yards of whatever we wanted and then with the rules that you could add only 2 other colors but no yardage (in other words, the color could be in sequins, trim, yarn, etc.) and that we had till the end of this year to finish it. No bars on what we could give eachother... it could be the fabric we've had the hardest time working with or it could be our favorite. Dont know. Point is to stretch out and see what the other can see it as. So we're both suppose to be gathering up fabrics to start shortly.

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2006-06-29 10:54 pm (local) (link) DeleteFreezeScreen
This sounds like a fantastic idea! I love group challenges like this. I have often wanted to get into a visual journaling project, but have not had the time to dedicate to such a project until recently.

I think there is alot for both you and your friend to learn from this!

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